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Special Ed Connection® is the premier on-line resource for information and guidance regarding all aspects of special education. It is available 24/7/365, wherever you have internet access. The website is full of definitions, articles, features and exclusive material that provide you with practical guidance, legal interpretations, real-world application, solutions and tips. Special Ed Connection® is a subscription service. NOTE: Please do not share the login information with anyone else.

While the information on Special Ed Connection® is accurate and authoritative, it should not be construed as legal advice. If legal advice is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.
Getting Started

To access the website:
1 Go to www.specialedconnection.com
2 Click on the button in the upper right hand corner “Already a Subscriber? Login”
3 Enter your user name and password (Remember to always use lower case)
Go to www.specialedconnection.com. Click here to access
the login page.
Smart Starts

SmartStarts are always a good place to go when you want the most current, relevant, and legally compliant information about a specific topic. Need answers about IEP’s? What if your child is facing a change in placement? What about a least restrictive learning environment for your child? Almost every topic you can think of has been covered by our SmartStarts.
Click on a topic in the Topic Bar. Click on the SmartStarts link in the Tool Bar.
To access a list of SmartStarts:
1 Click on a topic in the Topic Bar
2 Click on the SmartStarts link in the Tool Bar
Please note – Some of the hyperlinks that you see in the SmartStarts lead to court cases. Your access does not allow you to read the cases, so those links will not work.
To start browsing the site:
1 Choose a topic from the Topic Bar
2 Notice the articles down the page will deal with that topic
3 Click on a link in the Tool Bar. The
resources displayed will fall within the chosen topic
Choose a topic from the Topic Bar. Notice the articles down the page will deal with that topic
Video Tutorials

See Special Ed Connection® in action — simply click on any of the boxes below to launch a brief tutorial video:
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Top Stories & eConnections

The Special Ed Connection® dictionary contains hundreds of terms and their definitions.
To access the Dictionary:
1 Go to the Features box on the left side of the screen
2 Click on the link to the Dictionary
3 Click on the first letter of the word you want to look up
Go to the Features box.  Click on the link to the Dictionary.
Story Archive

The Special Ed Connection® stories offer a wealth of information in a very easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format. Our writers are constantly researching dozens of sources to bring you interpretation to the latest case law, updates to Federal law as well as state law, best practices, practical guidance, and tips.
Go to the Features box. Click on the Story Archive link.
To access the Story Archive:
1 Go to the Features box on the left side of the screen
2 Click on the Story Archive link
2 Choose the month and the year of the articles you would like to browse

There are two ways to use the site – browsing and searching. Many times, the answers you need will be found in the SmartStarts or the Story Archive. However, sometimes you might have to conduct a search on Special Ed Connection® to find what you need.

Two things to remember when you do a search – Special Ed Connection® looks for what you type in, exactly how you type it. It will not correct spelling mistakes or typos. It will look for multiple words as a complete phrase — not each individual word in your search. Also, we use the Topic Bar for browsing, not for searching. If you click on Behavior & Discipline and then conduct a search, your results will not be limited to that topic.
To conduct a search:
1 Click on the Advanced Search link at the top of the screen
2 Type your search term in the Look For: field
Highlight the database(s) that you want to look in. (This is optional. If you highlight All Databases, the whole site will be searched)
Advanced Search. Type your search term in the Look For field.
Please feel free to contact us for assistance in getting started or when conducting searches:
   SECTraining@lrp.com  |  1-800-515-4577 ext. 6303 • Hours: 8 a.m. 5 p.m. ET • Monday through Friday